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Glenarm Redspark Lamb is and has always been slow reared.

Our lambs are free to roam. They climb the hills, foraging for sweet grasses and heather as the Irish Sea crashes on the rocks below them. This natural life creates a lean, sweet rich lamb that we believe is unique to Glenarm Redspark.

A fresh landscape of flavour.

Our lambs’ diets are almost entirely foraged, so they get a lot of exercise, roaming the full heights of the farm, up and over the history of these hills that have remained unchanged for thousands of years. This activity makes Glenarm Redspark Lamb very lean and tender. The flavour of many varieties of sweet grasses and heather, combined with the fresh sea air makes Redspark lamb an ideal ingredient for a new generation of food lovers.

Our method is a craft honed over centuries

Sustainability is not a new thing for us. It has always been our way of life. We only farm low intensive breeds of sheep that are suited to our hilly terrain with minimal intervention. Our flock of Blackface and Dorset sheep instinctively know how to forage this unique landscape. Sheep have been grazing here for hundreds of years, so the ground replenishes itself without us having to add anything artificial.

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Have you ever wondered where the food on your plate really comes from?  Have you ever thought about how it was reared and produced?  Well here at Glenarm Redspark Lamb we have often thought about those questions and we would love to share the answer with you.Come and find out for yourself and see how our award winning Glenarm Redspark Lamb is produced for your plate.

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Glenarm Redspark Lamb is reared by Eamonn Matthews.

The Matthews family has been farming the land in and around the Drumnagreagh downland since 1688. When they were children, Eamonn and his siblings ran from field to field, shouting games to each other, and over the years, Reid's Park, the name for the field where the lambs found the sweetest grasses, became Redspark.

We're proud to be a local producer, adding our own spark of difference to a wide range of incredible foods from the Glens of Antrim and the Causeway Coast area.

"There's nothing I love more than heading to the hills with the dogs to gather the sheep. From up there you can se everything - the moods of the land, the changes in the seasons. This is an old way of life, but in some ways it feels like the future depends on it."

-Eamonn Matthews

From these hills you can see everything more clearly

Like the importance of eating locally reared, traceable, low carbon food. Or the importance of feeding your family the best Northern Ireland has to offer. Share your dishes on Instagram with #glenarmredspark to feature in our gallery! 

How to buy.

Glenarm Redspark Lamb is for sale to anyone who loves the idea of eating locally and celebrating the same honest, simple food our ancestors would have treasured. Glenarm Redspark Lamb is available to purchase in a variety of meat boxes and cuts. If you live within 20 miles, we can deliver to your door.

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